Bill Me Later is a service offered through Paypal which offers financing options to clients. This package would be offered to certain Best Agent Business clients as a bundle of hours to be paid up front (or through Bill Me Later with Paypal) which includes:

  • Client target is Hyper Harry personality.
  • Total package is $5,000 for 250 hours non-refundable.
  • The 250 hours would be used over 5-6 months, so about 50 hours per month.
  • Client will agree to X hours phone communication per week, agree on who is managing their account, and they agree to work with us for minimum of 5 months.
  • Best Agent Business will put interested clients through a process to determine seriousness so that any client cannot just impulsively sign up. They would have to spend X days from date of proposal before they are even ALLOWED to signup and they have to do X. Maybe that is speak to X number of clients, speak to potential Hyper Harry Key Assistant, do Time Management Challenge steps perhaps first some LG99 thing, etc, which will be determined. We clearly explain to them that our business model anticipates that 25% of agents who do this will waste their money and drop the ball. So we are upfront and they will either be in the 25% or 75% group. The 75% group benefits from the 25% that drops the ball.
  • Target is Hyper Harry agents doing $200-500k but all over the place and lower profit and we are telling them to let us RUN THEIR BUSINESS and they spend 80% of their time meeting with people and calling and we will hire/fire/manage their In-House Assistant (IHA) and any Buyers Agent (BA) or SA or ISA. We run their business.

Overview of Bill Me Later:

Bill Me Later® is a PayPal service that gives customers access to No Payments and No Interest if paid in full in 6 months on purchases of $99 or more. Think of it as a secure, instant and reusable credit line customers can use at checkout when they pay with their PayPal account and choose Bill Me Later. If they haven't already, customers can apply during checkout by simply entering their birth date and the last 4 digits of their Social Security number, then accepting the terms. They'll get an approval decision in seconds. Bill Me Later is subject to credit approval and offered by Comenity Capital Bank.

Bill Me Later is already a checkout solution used with Paypal and does not cost any extra for Best Agent Business to set up or use.