Version: 8/27/2013

This page is for Best Agent Business billing policy and practices and details on Client Work Hour reports. This page is to be shared with clients when they start with Best Agent Business when needed, and a link is included on all monthly Client Work Hour reports.

  • All clients have a service level based on a monthly subscription such as $99, $495, $995, or $1990 per month. This is based on $20/hour for 5, 25, 50, or 100 work hours per month.
  • Our staff records all time worked in a detailed online system including date, time worked, description, and client code. All work hours are entered weekly. The same database is used for payroll and client work hour reports. We close out the month to process payroll by the 5th of the month.
  • We process monthly Client Work Hour reports and send to clients by the 10th of each month. For example, by June 10th, the client receives the report for work performed May 1st to May 31st.
  • The Client Work Hour report is sent to the client and CC to the Key Assistant for their review, our Accounting Team Leader, and Steve, President of Best Agent Business.
  • If the work hours are significantly slow or over the monthly budget, please make sure to note that information in the email.
  • Clients have 10 days to review the Client Work Hour report and ask any questions about any work hour item.
  • If you have questions about any specific work performed, please circle and mark-up paper version with questions and fax to Accounting. Or, you can Reply All and ask a question. In priority order, as needed, the following people will reply to your question: Steve, Accounting, Key Assistant, Team Leader, then Assistant who performed the work.
  • We need to have any work hour items circled/marked and faxed/scanned because it often involves more than one person to review and sort out and resolve the question.
  • If you have any general Accounting questions, ask your Key Assistant or email Accounting, and you will receive a reply within one business day.

Benefits of Client Work Hour system and Accountability
  • We all have the same goals with regards to insuring accurate and consistent client work hour reporting to maximize value to the client.
  • The client, Best Agent Business, your Key Assistant, Accounting, and Steve are all on the same page in our goals to make sure billing is accurate and consistent and to identify any problems and errors.


  • If a client is regularly approaching budget hour limits, we work with the client to prioritize their goals and budget their time, or the client increases to a new service level. We may go over monthly hours by 10-20%, and this is then resolved by spending fewer hours the following month. If you want to upgrade to next service level for more hours, then please tell us.
  • If a client falls under by more than 10% (meaning 90% or less of hours are used each month), that client is labeled as slow usage. Slow usage means that the client is not taking advantage of the hours they have been allotted.
  • If a client uses more than 10% of the hours they have paid for (110% or more of hours are used each month), then that client is labeled as over usage. Over usage means that the client is using more hours than have been allotted, and either needs to increase the subscription level to match their needs or prioritize and limit the tasks that need to be done by Best Agent Business.
  • If you would also like a report of the last three months of usage, just to your monthly Client Work Hour Report from Accounting to request one. You can also request a summary of all payments made and work performed since starting with the company.
  • During a three-month period, Best Agent Business allows slow usage clients to rollover their hours and use remaining hours within the three-month period. If remaining hours are not used within the three-month rollover period, they will be lost. No refunds for unused hours will be available.
  • We invest in constantly tuning our work hours tracking and reporting to work towards following goals:
    • Separate from company any assistant who does not report accurate time
    • Separate from company any assistant who is far less productive than other assistants
    • Give more work to the assistants who are the most productive
    • Develop ability to estimate the time and cost of typical tasks so clients can decide on best investment of assistant time
    • Identify most productive assistants to interview them to determine methods they may be using to be more productive

  • Over the past month, we have modified our billing practice to better detail what we do internally to serve our clients. Our Systems Team was created to track work completed for clients by each team. This team not only assures that work is completed as assigned, but also tracks productivity by team members to eliminate waste and gradually lower costs to our clients by phasing out those team members who are not as productive and shifting those hours to the most productive people. In working with only those who are most productive, we can work more efficiently to complete client work timely and with fewer mistakes.
  • If you have in-house assistants or buyer's agents, we suggest you may want them to track their time in simple paper time-recording systems. We would be happy to provide a simple paper form. By having them track their time for 10 work days, you will quickly have an insight into where they spend their time.

  • If you have a concern about over or under usage of hours on your account, direct those questions to accounting@bestagentbusiness.comand copy your key assistant so that we can resolve your issues quickly.
  • To request a Summary Report of your hours from your start date, please send the request to

Business Team
  • A key aspect of our value is that we also handle all management aspects of staffing including recruiting, screening, hiring, firing, training, systems, accountability, and people management. Overall, management time, which you see reflected on work hour reports as "Systems", is generally 10% or less of overall billing. For those of you who have hired/fired/managed in-house assistants in the past, you understand the value delivered by our team model. If you have questions about this aspect, contact Steve.
    • "Systems Time" is not billed at the $99 level or to new clients at any level during the first month of service. Systems time is billed to $495 clients at about 20% of the overall work hours or about 5 hours per month. For higher level clients, the Systems time is the same, so about 10% of overall billing hours for a $995 client, 5% of overall billing for a $1990 client, etc. Clients who are Paused, but have work hours pending either because they are using a backlog of hours or they are inactive, are billed Systems time at half the rate of an active client or about 2.5 hours per month.

Terminating Service

  • To terminate service, email your Key Assistant and copy
  • If there is a service issue, we greatly appreciate the opportunity to address and resolve any service issues. If your Key Assistant and Client Services cannot take action and improve a situation within one week, please escalate or ask to be escalated directly to Steve.
  • We do not do any refunds. If a client cancels service, we will get work hours updated and Accounting will provide a summary report once the month has closed out and all time has been entered. If the client owes money, the client will send a one-time payment to clear balance owed. If the client has credit hours, they will show up in a summary report sent by the 10th of the month after service ends. The policy for using those hours is as follows.
  • When clients pause with credit hours, They have three choices:
    • Monthly Maintenance Level $99 for 5 hours per month to continue weekly and monthly database management and lead management to keep things organized and clean.
    • If they do not choose the $99 level, they will be charged 5 hours Systems time per month being on Pause and they can choose us to do monthly database management/lead management or simply do nothing and still cost those 5 hours per month. So someone who pauses with 20 hours left, after four months they will have 0 hours and the hours are lost. Clients with less than 100 hours left will have three months from last payment date to use any remaining credit hours. If they have more than 100 credit hours, they will have six months to use any remaining hours. All hours remaining at the end of three or six months will be forfeited.
    • A final option is to gift the remaining hours to a current Best Agent Business client or new client who signs up with Best Agent Business.

Benefits of Best Agent Business

  • Assistants working part-time is more productive than people working full-time.
  • Assistants focus on their unique talents to bring you the best of what you need.
  • We do all the recruiting, screening, hiring, firing, managing, and training.
  • We document with systems everything we do for our business and our clients.