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Providing professional coaching and business services to top real estate agents.
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Anything is possible!

What is your time worth?

Ask yourself this question...how can you benefit your business the most? By getting mired in the admin work, or by doing what you do best...making the sale?


Successful Realtors know when and how to delegate.

You’ve built your business with your hard work. To make it successful, you’ve probably done a little of everything. You want to continue to grow, but now you are faced with a dilemma...

• Should you continue to try to do it all?
• Or should you delegate some tasks?

You can't do it all. With a limited amount of hours in the day, many Realtors find themselves putting marketing and calling on the back-burner in order to address time-critical tasks. Big mistake! If you aren't marketing and regularly contacting your leads, you are losing opportunities to grow your business. You need help!

Why Best Agent Business?

You've always wanted to keep on top of things, but it gets to a point where doing everything takes away from what you do best: sealing the deal with your clients. Even if you add In-House staff, the payroll costs are often a disincentive to getting all the help you really need, especially if your needs are seasonal or for a special project. Hire Best Agent Business: Providing Part-Time Virtual Business Teams to top Real Estate agents! We will free up your time doing the $20 an hour tasks, while allowing you to focus on what makes you a great Realtor!
Best Agent Business has a solution for you. We provide part-time, virtual consultants and business services for real estate agents nationwide. In this technology-driven world, the person who provides the type of service we offer does not have to be located in the same office or even in the same town. Even if you already have an assistant sitting in the next room, there is often too much to do. Or, you may find that you still need to go out for specialized services.

Best Agent Business can pick up the slack when you need listing management, calling, accounting, blogging, website work, publishing, mailing, or other administrative or creative tasks. Our prices are reasonable. When you work with us, you buy the services of a team of professionals for a monthly fee that averages about $20 an hour. Typically, we offer our services in packages for $495 or $995 per month, but we are flexible. We discuss your needs and tailor a package for you.

Who we are

Best Agent Business is a part of Lifebushido, a group of companies developed by Steve Kantor to provide services to entrepreneurs. Through the different companies that fall under the corporate umbrella, we help clients to solidify their personal and professional goals and focus on using their unique talents to make their businesses stronger and more profitable. Kantor, former owner to Gnossos Software, made this concept of focusing on unique talents the key principle of his new venture. When people free themselves from tasks they can delegate, they have more time to concentrate their attention on those areas of business where they excel. They, in turn, can pass their best service and insights on to their clients. Realizing that his unique talents lay in developing systems and improving them, he founded Lifebushido in 2006.

The unusual company name is derived from an ancient Samurai word that means “Anything is Possible,” the company philosophy that is imparted to clients and associates alike. We often do things which other companies cannot conceive of doing or are too afraid to do. In our early years, we have already accomplished a few things which many people would have said were impossible to accomplish. Bushido, for us, means anything is possible, if you take bold action and go for it. We only hire people who espouse this same approach to life. For this reason, we call our associates “Ishidos.”

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