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Updated: Sasanna Strozier 5/30/2014

Buyer Online Survey

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What a Buyer Online Survey can do to Help YOU

By creating a buyer online survey to send to the backlog of your buyer & seller leads, you can:
  • Identify 3-8% of buyer/seller leads as revived leads.
  • Obtain current up to date contact information for your leads.
  • Clean up your database and make current by identifying hard bounced emails and those that are opting out (ask to be removed).
    • This will allow to you to focus on and send out marketing only to those who may become active leads in the future.

Getting Started is Simple:
  • Send an email to, contact your Marketing Assistant and Key Assistant.
  • Provide high resolution photo and/or logo in a JPG format.
  • Specify your selling area.
  • Provide your Signature Line that you would like us to use.
If you do not have a header or logo, our Graphics Dept. would be happy to prepare one for you.

This Buyer Online Survey can be tailored to suit your individual needs. Typically the budget is 5 hours between all the teams involved.

Please review our Proactive Marketing Flyer to learn more.

Sample of Buyer Online Survey.