Client Networking - Group Call Summary – 3/7/13

Steve Kantor
Caroline Collins

1: Most Effective Use of Upgrade

Action Items:

  • Have your agents call from both databases
  • Give our Best Agent Business callers a separate login for your Commissions Inc
  • Assist in our efforts to get your database completely current - authorize us to work with Michelle to get your past clients in, pull MLS records, and send us an export of your Gmail contacts that we will have you review and code for your SOI
  • Buyer leads should be assigned to agents and not listed in your name
  • Call Steve on Saturday

  • Write up your notes and send to Client1 by Monday at the latest
  • Make sure we get the coding cleaned up in Client1's Commissions Inc so both databases have the same format
  • Add on 5-10 hours of seller lead calling for Client1

Tips from Steve:
The showing agent model will result in huge financial savings for you
It's important to have one's database complete with leads, past clients and SOI - these are all important contacts which could yield more business in the future
It's important to have a good system for holding one's agents accountable to make sure no leads are being wasted


Most of Client1's leads come from Commissions Inc. His team is growing. Last year he had just himself and hired first outside sales agent in June and 2 more in January. Currently has 3, one more starting soon and interviewing a 5th one this afternoon. Increased call time with us to give his agents more Golden Eggs.

Has one in-house assistant, Michelle, and hiring another one for part-time help this week.

Numbers from this year are pretty good - $175k in gci - about 33 deals

Goal is to have his 5 agents each doing 3 deals per month. Would like to do 100 deals this year (did 83 transactions last year.)

He is just hiring regular buyers agents, not showing agents. Not currently holding them accountable for calling. Set-up now is having lead going directly to each agent, with the least experienced agent getting the lower end leads. Our caller, Kim, is also calling leads - if she gets through before his agent, the lead turns into a Golden Egg and he charges his agents more for that lead - holding back 10%. Steve said he is ok with 10% but it could be 20. This is why Client1 increased our calling budget because if she can get more Golden Eggs it will pay for itself.

He is personally only doing referral leads and doing all listings. He is getting a lot of referral business. He doesn't have anyone else strong enough to take the referral listings for him.

One of his current challenges is a syncing problem between his two databases. Has both Commissions Inc and Infusionsoft.

He is getting around 150-200 leads per month from Commissions Inc. Calling can be done through either database. He's been using Commissions Inc. Best Agent Business puts buyer referrals into the Infusionsoft database and his agent goes and works it. Kim calls within Infusionsoft. When he first started all backlog was dumped into there. His agents are calling out of Commissions Inc.

Steve asked if he had interest in showing agents and he is not interested right now. He has too many other things going on right now.

Hot leads going into Infusionsoft as-is. Steve thinks he would prefer that everyone call from Infusionsoft, which is part of the reason for the integration so everyone calls from one place. Brand new leads go into there.

Client1 says the benefit of Commissions Inc is that it allows them to have more information on the potential client, for example when they last logged in and what properties they were viewing. Steve understands this view. However, the agents need to be calling from both databases. The number of leads in Infusionsoft will be far fewer and hotter.

Lost Client1 from the call at this point.

Client1 logged back on and Steve reviewed their conversation - his agents should be calling from both Commissions Inc and Infusionsoft. Steve will get the coding cleaned up in Commissions Inc to make sure both databases have the same format. Also wants to get separate login for Best Agent Business callers.

Steve said Infusionsoft is not current. There are no clients in there. Where is this information? Client1 says it's in his brain.

Steve asked if it was ok for us to interact with Michelle on this to get this information updated? Client1 said that is fine. Client1 can pull the MLS records. Authorize us to interact with Michelle to get this stuff done.

Also, we will need an export of Client1's Gmail contacts to get SOI - will have Client1 review and code it.

Client1 has huge backlog of buyer leads, even of Buyer A leads. These are still attached to Client1's name - should be attached to one of the agents.

Client1 has not been making use of his Weekly Lead Report. He is also losing $50-$100K profit this year by not going with the showing agent model.

Steve read off seller lead names to see if recognized, Client1 recognized most, though not all.

Steve thinks there are seller leads being wasted. We will add on 5-10 hours of seller lead calling. Client1 is happy with his current caller.

We are about halfway there with database management, still have hundreds of wasted leads. Will narrow down to the "Client1" group those leads who Client1 is dealing with himself - Seller As and maybe handful of Buyer As to hand off. Client1 said he wants to hand off anything in Commissions Inc. Client1 is doing Seller-New Leads and Seller-As. Steve prefers he call the Seller-New Leads from Commissions Inc but he does not have the capacity for it. We will call the Seller-New Leads and backlog of Seller B and C.

Client1 is going on 5-6 listings per week and prefers to do less. Thinking of getting help with listings and paying the Listing agent 50%. Steve said paying 50-50 would be a mistake - shouldn't be paid more than 15-25% but he doesn't want him to do it that way - can be done more creatively.

Suggested starting to shift from going to homes to having them come to the office. Client1 wasn't sure about that idea.

Steve will have all of this written up by Monday the latest. He would also like Client1 to give him a call on Saturday and asked Caroline to send Client1 his phone number.

At this point we ran out of time.