Client Networking - Group Call Summary – 2/28/13

Steve Kantor
Stacee Rohn, Key Assistant
Caroline Collins

1: Establishing Productive Marketing Partnerships
2: Maintaining and Closing Leads
3: Tips for Marketing a High End Property
4. FSBO Marketing

Action Items:
  • "Reply All" to this email and introduce the agents to your marketing proposal
  • "Reply All" with any marketing ideas you may have for Client3
  • Check out for FSBO leads, send Steve your thoughts on a marketing campaign

  • Make sure that someone is calling these leads that responded to your survey
  • Review upgrade information and information on send out cards sent to you by Stacee
  • Continue to work with the database team to get TopProducer complete
  • "Reply All" with any marketing ideas you may have for Client3

  • Research properties in the same price range as the property you want to sell and see what other agents are doing
  • Create a website for the property which has several different language versions available, including a video

  • Make sure all of Client2's leads are updated in his database with proper coding, per Steve
  • Send Client2 upgrade information for $1990 level
  • Send Client2 information on send out cards

  • Review Steve's advice to Client3, below, and contact him for further clarification and information

Tips from Steve:
  • One should utilize multiple approaches for one's target leads, including email contact, calling and mailings
  • Keeping one's database up-to-date and organized is a crucial step in lead management and not wasting leads
  • Strive to be innovative in your marketing - know what your competitors are doing and then do even more
  • Keep examples of your more creative marketing efforts to help generate more listings in the future


Client1 is a Loan Officer experiencing problems connecting with realtors. Her primary goal for this call was to pick the group’s brain as to how best to get the attention of realtors and get that conversation going.

Steve asked about the offer she'd been making of the Proquest Marketing system. She still has the goal of connecting with realtors that want to work with her on this system but she doesn't seem to be connecting very well. She is finding you need to have 10 listings to make it worthwhile.

Steve said it is best to pursue the higher end agents that have 10 listings. Should be able to get those through MLS records, and there are probably not many of them. Client1 said these are hard to find in her area. Steve said that, once she finds her target group, she should do email, call them, and do a three part mailing to them, including testimonials from other agents, even if these are in other cities, who use the Proquest system.

We have been calling her past clients for her. Client1 says her caller has done a nice job and is almost done except from some follow-up calls. She is not trying to figure out if she should have us doing more calls and putting together a campaign. At this point Proquest is not moving forward very well.

Steve said he would like to give it a shot with one of her lists. Once her caller is done, there are A-B agent targets that could be called.

Offer currently is that she will split Proquest 50-50.

Steve reviewed the marketing message - Client1 is looking for 10 agents to partner with and is willing to invest $2000 per year in a joint marketing effort. The objective is to get a phone call with them which will hopefully lead to a meeting. Steve is comfortable for us to do calls based on that concept. We can get a different script and do some test calling. Steve knows a few of the agents on the list.

Client1 should "reply all" to the email about this call and introduce the agents to her proposal.

Client2 specializes in waterfront properties. He is an independent agent but trying to grow a team. He's also done pretty well growing an internet business, using Real Estate Webmasters for local IDX which only brokers can use in his state. This is a good opportunity for him and there is less competition. His larger primary focus is nursing those leads along and having the ability to maintain and close them. Good problem of too many leads and not enough time. His Key Assistant Stacee is on the call with him today.

He specifically wanted input on the survey they just did of 3000-4000 internet leads with a response of about 10% - a couple hundred said they are still interested in finding a home within the next three months - have not received everything back yet, just raw data numbers. He is wondering what to do next with this.

His average sales price is $650K, although the internet business is lower, around $350K range. Steve said this response rate was huge – people are very important.

Stacee should make sure that the leads are updated in Real Estate Webmasters - anyone looking from Now-3mos are BuyerA, from 3-6mos Buyer B and everyone else is Buyer C.

Steve suggested that either Client2, his team or our calling team, with an upgrade, should touch all of these 200 people. Client2 thinks maybe 25% of these might buy within a year. This is 50 people x an average $7000 commission. This is worth spending a few thousand on for upgrading to contact.

Stacee should send him the upgrade info for $1990

Steve told them not to move anything into TopProducer unless a they are a Buyer A lead at the showing stage.

Steve asked Client2 to keep working with the database team to get TopProducer completely cleaned up.

Stacee should also send Client2 the idea of getting buyer addresses and sending send out cards to them.

Client3 is trying to grow her business. She has a lot of leads she doesn’t know what to do with.

She is on the call today because she needs marketing help right now for a specific property - a condo priced over 1 million. She wants to put a lot of effort into this one. She just lost another property because her marketing efforts were not good enough.

Steve suggested some ideas:

First he asked other attendees to "reply all" with any ideas they might have for Client3.
Then he suggested some actions for Client3 and asked Caroline to pass these along to Client3's KA Kate.

Client3 should search in the area for that price range – 1.2-2mil condos - for example properties. She should next poke around on Google to find the difference types of places they are listing in and what types of marketing are being done by other agents for these properties.

Steve asked if these places usually bought sight unseen? She says a lot of buyers are from other countries. Possible buyers could be from Russia, Europe, Mexico, Venezuela.

Steve then asked how much she was going to spend for marketing? Client3 replied she would do whatever she needs to do to sell it.

Next question from Steve: Is there a Spanish website and Spanish video on this property? No. Steve suggested doing this immediately. Do a single domain website for this property – - and on that site have a version in Spanish and in Russian and Portuguese. Hire someone to do a video in the languages of the most likely buyers. If there are no other agents who are doing this it will impress the seller and, more importantly, once you've got this done you can put it out there and it will generate listings from others by demonstrating this creative marketing. Client3 can use same video of the property with several different versions with voiceovers in different languages. We can track somebody down for her to hire if she can’t do this herself - we can put ads on craigslist for her.

To summarize suggested actions for this property:
  • Search for other properties listed in your area in a similar price range
  • Google to see how these properties are being listed and marketed
  • Create a single domain website for the property
  • On this site have different versions available in the languages of all your most likely buyers
  • Create a video of the property have have different language versions of this video available - you can use the same video with different voiceovers - hire people to do this work for you
  • You can use this video later as an example of your creative marketing

Kate can talk to Steve to get more details on this.

Client1 had another question about FSBO marketing. She had an idea of using her own Proquest system to market to FSBOs get them listed – using that for realtors without them having to get their own system. Steve likes this idea.

He suggested she check out - they sell FSBO data for about $40-$50 a month – and ask salesperson how many they have in her area - get the data. She will have to spend the money to loan them the sign. Most of these people do not have real signs. The offer is to help them find a buyer. We could create a marketing campaign for this and do calling for her. Client1 will check into this and send her thoughts.

Steve thanked everyone for attending today.